New Sony TV’s

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Couple days ago, Sony announced two new flagship TV’s.

Sets are on their website, not very much technical info though-mainly marketing stuff.

One breakthrough that seems very interesting is with the LED set, the Z9F series. Seems the have figured out a way to vastly improve the off axis viewing angle, approaching that of OLED screens.

Read a few initial impressions, mostly good. A few concerns with black levels and blooming, but that’s not unusual with LED sets. I looked at the Z9D and A1E side by side, and I really couldnt see a difference, but I’m far from an expert about such things.

Not nearly as much info on the A9F, OLED model, but as I understand it, Sony is supposed to be doing some type of calibration in the factory to alleviate uniformity and banding issues.

If the only thing one has to worry about is possible burn in, it may be worth looking at OLED sets in the near future.


  • BlueFoxBlueFox Posts: 12,088
    Curious what the 75" Z9F will cost at first. I paid $9K for my Z9D two years ago, but I wanted the best. I was tired of my 2004 57" Hitachi RPTV. :)
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