A philosophical question of a digital nature.

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The source is a PC doing nothing but Roon server with an internal hard drive with all the tunes living in nice quiet subdivisions, unsullied by antivirus or other bothersome components.

I run roon control from another PC. Which should be the better (not easier) connection for best tuneage, highest fidelity?

USB output from Roon Server direct to the Schiit YGGY


Network connection to an OPPO UDP-203 then via coax to the YGGY.

I can do both now, I'm not sure I hear any difference.

Technically - any opinions on which should be better?
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    Is this a test lol.
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    It might be… >:)
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    *Technically* USB should be better, because the TCP/IP protocol allows for, and even anticipates, packet loss & re-transmission before reassembly. Therefore modifying the signal.

    In the real world?
    I think you would be hard pressed to hear a difference on the average home network.

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    In this case, I'd say USB, presuming that there are no other devices connected by USB, even if they're not actively in use.

    If it were a PC in use with other USB devices connected, like a mouse, keyboard and an external HD, and no way to isolate USB (sep controller) out to the DAC, I'd say the network option may be better. USB devices on the same machine, especially the same bus, can interfere.

    Is the OPPO network connection Ethernet or wireless?

    What are you listening for?
    Not to taint ( shutup @mrbiron ) your experience with a suggestion, but the biggest improvement I noticed in going with a USB DAC was in imaging. There also just seemed to be a general sense of the presentation being smoother and a somehow sweeter quality to the listening experience. Undeniably more engaging. I know that's really vague, technically speaking, but I couldn't ignore that I felt more drawn in for some reason. This was a near field setup, so I'm curious to hear how this shakes out for you, presuming it's a room system.
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    Oppo is ethernet, wireless never really made me "happy".

    Schiit seems to hint that going over the network will be better. However, they advertise their USB as a wonder connection so I'm a bit confused and thought I'd try both.

    My thought is that the fewer connections between source and DAC should be better. But the only way I can get Roon to play is via the "system device" that throws all of the Windows audio junk in there - it's all off but...

    Everything network involved is ethernet, not wireless, and my home network is not that big so there shouldn't be any packet loss.

    Meh...if anyone has opinions, ideas, or just outright lies put 'em in here. I'll try it both ways and see what washes out.
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    I keep hearing "extra" stuff with USB. I can't describe it - a shadow of sorts. Going to network via the UDP and then over to the Schiit for it to do the DAC thing is clean.

    Go network - cabled. Not so sure about wireless and I have no need to test that.
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    ALL212 wrote: »
    I keep hearing "extra" stuff with USB.

    If it's just standard 'putie USB out I would guess power supply noise.

    My Sonore Server uses an SOtM PCIe USB card and has an external power supply with two supplies, one for the 'putie portion and one for the USB card. It also has SOtM power filters to the hard drive. It runs on Linux and I have Roon. I have zero complaints about USB out SQ with it.

    I'm glad I got the Sonore Signature Server with Deux power supply used & very reasonably priced cause it was pretty pricey new. That's why Sonore went with specifically dedicated, high quality simpler and thus less expensive hardware for just audio.

    The SOtM USB card is similar to this one. Maybe you need to do some upgrades to the stock 'putie.


    The 'putie portion is fanless. The HD lives in an isolated aluminum box/heat sink. I updated it with an 80GB SSD half card for the op system.


    The PS.

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    Well ain’t you just special! :D

    Might invest in that fancy schmancy usb doohickey and whirl it again.

    I still like the idea of direct so we’ll see.
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    Yeah, Aaron, not uncommon to have noise with USB. I also had it, and had to install a separate USB controller to help skirt the issues and isolate the connection a bit, but I didn't know you could get them with their own power supplies, cool!

    I want to try a USB Disruptor and a cable at some point to defeat all connectivity from the PC except the data portion of the USB connection to see how that works. iFi makes some stuff to address some of the concerns associated with USB audio, but the cost gets up there kind of quick.
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