Robert Cray...

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Ive been obsessed with the man for years...
MOST of his recordings are premium mixing engineer recordings...
The man can play guitar!
Dont hear much about him these days...
My fav blues guitarist!
Excellent rhythm, excellent voice.
Anyone a fan?
"Some rainy morning" prolly my favorite.


  • decaldecal Posts: 3,141

    I like this album a lot.
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    If I remember correctly he was on the bill with Stevie Ray the night Stevie Ray’s helicopter crashed after leaving Alpine Valley amphitheater in Wisconsin. My buddy had a ticket for me but I’d seen the Stones not long before that and was otherwise busy. Big regret. I think Eric Clapton and somebody else also on the bill. Robert Cray does some fine work with John Lee Hooker on “Mr. Lucky” and maybe even “The Healer”.
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    Cray fan here, for the last 35 or so years.
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    Love this one:

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    Here's an article about the day Stevie Ray Vaughn died. Robert Cray was indeed on the bill that night with along with Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy, and Jimmy Vaughn. There's a video at the end of the article of the last clip of them all playing together on stage. What a line-up. I still can't believe I passed on that show, my buddy worked for the venue's law firm and had real good seats too. Ah well, who could've known? Sounds like some of Clapton's crew also perished. I still remember hearing about it the next day.
  • tratlifftratliff Posts: 703
    I have been a Robert Cray fan for the past 30 years. Just a few years ago, like 5, I caught him at Billy Bobs in Fort Worth. Not the best place for a show but I could not have been more than 12 feet from Cray as he played. It was a great show and left many memories.
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    I listen to Strong Persuader, and I Was Warned quite frequently, and that Showdown with Collins and Copeland is worth owning, have seen Robert a couple of times the man puts on a good show.
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    Saw him with John Hiatt a few years ago. He opened and after his set he signed everyone's ticket that came fwd to the stage. Was my wife's B-day, so he signed "Happy Birthday Maria".
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