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So, I’ve got this older Schiit Modi (1) that I use with one of my auxiliary stereos. It sounds fine when it has a signal. But as soon as my airport express stops giving it a signal, I start to hear a hum from my stereo. Is this being caused by some sort of ground loop in the AE or maybe in the Modi? I don’t get it when I just use analogue out from the AE, which makes me think it’s the Modi...


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    Could be numerous issues for ground loop hum. The socket it's plugged into, the quality of the RCA's your using, the power cord. Sometimes just having too many things plugged into the same socket, a cable tv box in the loop.

    Never had a Dac that gave off a hum, so I would look elsewhere first. Try plugging it into a different wall socket or changing out RCA's first.
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    @alucididea - you ever get this sorted out?
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    Clipdat wrote: »
    @alucididea - you ever get this sorted out?
    Not really. Both the integrated amp and the Modi were on the Furman power conditioner when it was making noise. I’ve been meaning to try a different set of interconnects to see if that’s the problem. But no set of cables produces the noise I’m hearing.
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