Help me pick an amp for a solar powered Travel trailer

I’ve got a new to me R-Pod travel trailer that is small and solar powered. It comes with one of those horrible sounding Jensen [model number is POS I think). Anyway, it’s got pre outs so I hauled out an EL84 tube amp that is in the neighborhood of 12 watts and some decent speakers and the sound quality was an order of magnitude better. Satisfactory in every way for a travel trailer. So I’m going to add an aftermarket amp and call it a day. The tube amp is to power hungry so it will stay at home.

So... I want something that’s produces a good clean undistorted signal at 20 watts RMS minimum, is energy efficient as possible and has a small form factor. One of those babies that are as big as a coffee table book just won’t fit. It doesn’t need to be expensive or pretty to make me happy.

Also, I’ve got indoor and outdoor speakers, so if I’m using a 2 channel it needs to be good for two ohms impedance. 4 channel, no problem. I’m also not opposed to using a pair of cheap 2 channel and switching power rather than speakers.

What comes to mind?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
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  • FestYboyFestYboy Posts: 3,858
    Soundstream Picasso nano. Their Stealth series is even smaller, but I'd go Picasso. Rubicon is another good series from them.

    If you go Stealth, there's a Bluetooth version (ST4.1000DB)
  • EndersShadowEndersShadow Posts: 17,140
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    Sprout or Sprout 100. Run the internal speakers on the Sprout.

    Then get another small 2 channel amp for your outdoor speakers.

    You won’t find many 2 channel integrated that have a 2 ohm rating that aren’t huge and power hungry
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  • dcmeigsdcmeigs Posts: 707
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    Enders, I like the way you think here, but I’m going 12v dc power on this rig. Also, it will be mounted back behind a wall here it’s inaccessible.

    Festyboy, I saw those at Crutchfield earlier but I missed just how small they are. I’ll move them to the top of the list. Either would work well.
    The world is full of answers, some are right and some are wrong. - Neil Young
  • dcmeigsdcmeigs Posts: 707
    I just pulled the trigger on the Picasso Nano. Thanks for the suggestion. It will fit perfectly in the available space.
    The world is full of answers, some are right and some are wrong. - Neil Young
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