Nice LSA 2 tower speakers

OK These are back up for sale. Had a hard time letting them go.
I am selling my LSA 2 tower speakers. I have ended up with some giant Mirage speakers for now so these must go. The LSA 2 has received excellent reviews and the reviews are accurate.It is a stunning speaker both visually and not mention it sounds great. The LSA is very much like the Von Schweikert VR2 but having had both I can say that I feel the LSA 2 is smoother and more open. It also looks a little better as the sides are curved. The speaker features two 6.5 inch drivers and an excellent soft dome tweeter as well as a rear firing adjustable tweeter. This really helps add a sense of space. The sound quality is excellent and the bass goes into the 20s and is very impressive. There are also 2 sets of very nice binding posts and a cavity on the bottom of the speaker for mass loading You can use 50lbs of shot or 30lbs of sand., Ii have 20lb of shot which I can remove. A very nice set of spikes is included. The speakers work perfectly and are very very sharp. The cabinets are in great shape EXCEPT for one little dimple on one side. Hard to see and one of the cabinets has some scratches about halfway down. I do not want to talk about it but I screwed up . I had them in a spot where it could not be seen and it can be easily fixed with a stain pen or stain. I just never bothered. I would really prefer local pickup but will pack and ship at buyers expense. Asking $750 NOW $695 Thanks



  • ArchguyArchguy Posts: 7
    Realize this is an old listing but are these speakers still available?
    If so, what is your location? I'm unable to figure out either of these things.
  • geppy1geppy1 Posts: 2,609
    Long gone Thanks
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