RIP Danny Kirwan

dragon1952dragon1952 Posts: 4,395
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I was saddened to just hear of his passing. RIP Danny Kirwan, one of my favorite guitarist/songwriters of all time. What a great talent and probably way ahead of his time.
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  • Msabot1Msabot1 Posts: 2,114
    Wow....First Ive heard of this..agree Bare Trees is a fine album and Kirwans talent helped to make it that way...
  • Msabot1Msabot1 Posts: 2,114
    His solo album Second Chapter is no slouch album either!...
  • Tony MTony M Posts: 6,786
    RIP Danny. You now have a home! o:)
    Most people just listen to music and watch movies. I EXPERIENCE them.
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