RTi A5 a good match for HT system with CSi40 center?

Hi guys
My current home theatre setup is as follows
amp : Denon AVR-X4400H
front : SDA2B
center : CSi40
Rear : FxiA6
Atmos : MC60. x4
Subs : SVS SB12NSD. x2
I’m thinking of replacing the SDA2B with RTi A5 towers. I mainly use for movies and a little music
I think the sda’s may be suffering from old age with about 25 years of almost daily use.
Would the RTi A5 suit the rest of the system or would I be better off changing center as well?
Or are there better options.... may attempt to rebuild the Sda’s at a later date


  • rpf65rpf65 Posts: 1,902
    Switching from the SDA speakers to the RTI A speakers is really big change. I personally think the RTI A line is an excellent home theater speaker, but for music not so much. The SDA’s were designed purely for music.

    This alone says to advise you to think long and hard before making this change.

    If, as you say, you listen to very little music, it may be a change you’re happy with. My first instinct to anybody wanting to switch from a more music oriented speaker is don’t do it. It is much easier to find speakers that sound great with HT and somewhere between lacking and complete garbage for music than the other way around.

    Last question first, rebuild the SDA’s.

    As far as the center channel, you may be perfectly with a non timbre matched center, but we always advise getting the front three from the same family. The front three work more as a single unit than as individual speakers. The vast majority of dialogue comes from the center, but the front left and right also carry some of it.

    This causes many people, who have timbre matched front sound stages, to localize the center channel. Once localized, it is always there. You know it’s slightly different sounding and you can never “unhear” it. Others will never notice it, so it isn’t a big deal. Personally I have heard a mismatched front sound stage Through a doorway, standing in the adjoining room.

    Second best option, purchase the front three.

    As always, let your ears decide. If you are still considering the change, try the RTI A5’s with your existing center. If the RTI A’s are to your liking, and your happy with the center in place your done. You can always buy the center in a month or two.
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