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I have some of the monitor line and was thinking of looking at the SDA line but have found out how many there are and different driver configurations. Which are considered the better of the bunch. I've seen SDA from $200-2,000. My max budget is around $500 give or take. Thanks
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    Room size?
  • It can vary up to 20x25 approx. that's the room I'd like them in but we're planning to move into a bigger house so could be bigger. How power hungry are they?
  • Two in my area are sda 1a and an sda 2. They are different and so are the prices. Sda 1a is almost twice. Does the sda 1a sound that much better than sda 2?
  • The one I was leaning towards was the SDA2 . I just saw the 1A and it looks impressive. With the future move I would hope to have a bigger room.
  • Any suggestions would be a great help. I have no experience with these. Should I just be happy with my monitor 7's and 10's?
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    SDA 2B, SDA 1C, CRS with 1 tweeter
  • Thanks for the info. I'd like to find some to demo.
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    Love my 2B's since the tweeter/crossover update. I think I recall that Mr. Polk himself stated these were one of his favorite speakers Polk has made.
    Yep, my name really is Bob.
    Parasound HCA1500, Dynaco PAS4, Denon DP1200 w/Shure V15 Type V and Jico SAS stylus, Oppo BDP93, "upgraded" Polk SDA 2B.
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    I have the "Studio Monitor" 2Bs with the dark walnut finish and they are not going anywhere! I would like to do the upgrades soon such as the 198 tweet and full recap route. Would like to send the crossovers to someone to do this for me-any suggestions? There is a guy on ebay offering that service but don't have any feedback on him. Plus I need to find out if the crossovers I have are able have the 2.5 resistor added to run the 198s? Some crossovers don't allow this?
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