How cani order a pair of Monitor 40 tweeter replacement

I can't find on the website where you can order a tweeter replacement for the monitor 40 bookshelf speaker's


  • pitdogg2pitdogg2 Posts: 12,094
    edited April 2018
    Have you called Polk customer service?

    Call: 1.800.377.POLK (7655) Option 1
  • RedrumRedrum Posts: 5
    I loved those speakers they sound great with r300... they went out before I got my psw10.. I had warranty I never got to send in do to a split up situation..I t wasn't till later later I got my a hold of the paperwork.. idk if it's too late to send it so i didnt .. its been alike almost 2 yrs I've been having the speakers they look new stil... my son poked one tweeter and it later went out and then followed the other
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