which amp for 6.5 mm465's

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what would be a better amp to go with for the 465's

the alpine 1507 150x2

or the alpine t757 75x2

i guess my guestion is would the 1507 be overkill
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    For these speakers I would suggest using the MRV-T757.
    The MRV-T1507 is too excessive. We have used the 757 for the same application in our demo vehicles and it has worked out very well. Set the high pass filter between 80 to 90 Hertz and do the same for the low pass filter for the subs. Allow 40 hours of playing the speakers at a reasonabel level to let the driver's suspension "break-in" before playing them at louder listening levels.

    Happy Amp Buying!!
    Kim, Polk Audio
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