Star Sound Platter Ground

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I was shown this product by Robert at AXPONA and even not being a turntable guy it was probably the most intriguing product I've seen from him. Like all of his products, its more about resonance management than isolation and this is a completely different approach than anyone else I've seen producing these products:

There is a possibility I might be able to get a limited demo going on it but I'm not sure yet. I have a couple coming in and will have clients testing it. He has a 30 day guarantee on his products and has a return rate far smaller than 1%. This is a product that actually has me hankering to get a table so I can test it myself.

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    Damn you Skip! you know now I have to check this out now. LOL I am seriously trying to get away from Vinyl as I talked to my other brother msg/Scott.

    Thinking that if I go pure Digital, then maybe my 500+ vinyl plus constantly cleaning plus getting my high MC Cartridge shining plus having to add a SUT ( set-up -transformer) to make my High MC cartridge shine is such a problem I starting to make Jesse's agreement for him ...Dang it to heck and [email protected] #$%@#!

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    Great. More stuff i am gonna want from them. I am using a few of his pieces on my speaker stands. I am also interested in his speaker stand filling.
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