Oppo 203 has a dedicated audio only out HDMI. Can this be connected to the ARC HDMI?

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  • wapfunzwapfunz Posts: 3
    Sorry - can the oppo dedicated audio out be connected direct to the Magnifi Mini HDMI arc in port? Is the ARC trigger required for the Magnifi Mini. The OPPO connects to the ARC HDMI on the TV for video and Audio, and I use optical from the TV to the Magnifi Mini. So the HDMI in on the Magnifi mini is not used. As the Oppo can bitstream SACD and DVD-A, I was hoping the dedicated audio only HDMI out could be connected to the Magnifi mini HDMI.
  • wapfunzwapfunz Posts: 3
    Thank you.
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