How much for RPTV Calibration?

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I am thinking of having my Toshiba 65" HDTV calibrated. I went to the ISF website to find licensed dealers and contacted a few of them via email. I received on response back already and he said he cold do it for $300. I was suprised to hear a figure quite so high. I was actually expecting a figure more in the $75 - $100 range. Has anyone else had this done with their TV? How much did it run you? Is $300 out of line?
I was thinking this would not take more than an hour at the absolute most, $300 is quite good money! I was not making anywhere near that much when I was doing independent consulting!
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    ron-p had this done by the guys at HTF, i think he said it runs around the $400 price mark. from what i've read/heard this can take an afternoon (depending on how many calibarations/tests they go through) and you are usually paying for travel time as well...
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    Yep, that is about the going price. OOOUUUCCCHHHH!!!!:eek:
    Ron-P told us all about it.
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    I had my Mits calibrated by Gregg Loewen (an administrator over at the hometheaterforum). He is a video calibrationist and not ISF certified, but the certification means very, very little. He trained under one of the nations best calibrationists and I can say it shows in his talent.

    Pricing all depends on what you what done and to what inputs. Here's the link I started when mine was done.


    I will not say how much I paid because I hosted the HT meet at my house, but you will pay between 3-500 depending. It is worth every penny.

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