RTI A9 & Marantz 7702 anyone

Hello everyone, first post here.

I just started to get into this hobby so please go easy on me here. I have a setup strictly for music listening only. I power the A9's with a pair of XPA-1. When I had the Denon 3808CI, I can hear the A9s' low end a lot more, I can almost could have got away without using a sub. I was using the DSW PRO 660 and I only need to cross them at 60hz and they sounded okay, the A9's would handle the rest. So a week ago I upgraded to a Marantz 7702 & SVS SB4000 and although the new sub is more powerful, I have to cross them at about 100hz or 110hz. With the subwoofer off, I can barely hear any low end on my A9s even with the freq crossed at 40hz. Because Denon and Marantz are similar, I use similar settings on the Marantz too, what am I missing? Why am I not hearing much low end despite powering them with the XPA1's and how come I have to cross them at a higher frequency now? Is it because the sub is sealed? Thank you in advance everyone.


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    Welcome to Club Polk. You should set the crossover to 80hz, and see how they sound with that.

    Despite how well the A9s are being driven, there is no substitution for a good sub, which you have.

    Two different receivers, more than likely have different requirements. It's best to start from scratch when putting in a new receiver, so set the crossover back to 80hz, and let your ears get used to the new configuration.
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    Did you run the calibration set up?
    I also would not say Denon and Marantz are similar. Two completely different topologies.
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    Check the jumper on your binding posts
  • Hi guys,

    Sorry I didn't mean to abandon my own threads, just been very busy the last few days. Thank you for the welcome btw. Anyway I got some free time tonight I followed your advises and tinkering around with the setup and it sounds much better now. What I had to do was to re calibrate them and placed my sub in a different spot. Thanks everyone.
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