SDA 1.2TL Interconnect cable help



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    Home System:
    SDA 1C's - Full mod with the help by Dave...
    800 Va Dreadnought- Speaker Interconnect
    WireWorld Mini-Eclipse 7 speaker cables
    Cambridge Audio Azur 851N - DAC/Streamer
    B&K Reference 50 Pre/Pro
    B&K M200 Sonata Monoblocks
    BLE-Design 16mm Power Cables
    Cambridge Audio DVD 99
    Sangean HD FM Tuner

    Barn system:
    SDA SRS 2.3's Full mod done by myself
    Carver C-1 pre
    Carver M1.5t
    BluDenso - Bluetooth receiver/DAC
  • Gerres26Gerres26 Posts: 409
    monepolk wrote: »
    verb wrote: »
    pitdogg2 wrote: »
    In as well

    I’m in!
    With the OP you have 4 and I think the minimum order is 10.

    I'd be in as well ;)
  • puundapuunda Posts: 97
    Forgive my ignorance. How are these transformers different from normal 1000VA toroidal transformers?
  • F1nutF1nut Posts: 41,236
    There are audio quality and then there are not.
    Political Correctness'.........defined

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  • lightman1lightman1 Posts: 10,185
    F1nut wrote: »
    There are audio quality and then there are not.

    Could you be any more vague with your response?
  • B-ManB-Man Posts: 12
    I know this post is dated but if there is still interest in the transformers and enclosures as a group buy I would participate.
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