Polk LSI25 Sub woofer / amp issues. Please help! I love these speakers!

Hello Everyone! I recently acquired a nearly mint condition, or so I thought, pair of Polk LSI25s.

Everything worked well for 6 months, until today the Sub woofer on the right side started playing at what I think is max volume while listening to some jazz at a moderately low volume. So of course i thought this can't be good and turned off my amplifier.

While there are no inputs on the speaker, if I turn the sub woofer on it emits a sound that resembles that off a...hard to describe...a Sub woofer car muffler pulse... at a relatively low volume. Changing the volume knob seems to have no effect, but sometimes pressing on it can make the sound louder, or stop.

It will still pass through music when connected, but only at what seems to be max volume. (I only tested this once, because I don't want to blow the woofer)

The passive end of the speakers work perfectly fine.

I live in Oklahoma and there aren't really any speaker repair shops near me. I'm quite savvy with computers and have taken the back plate off but don't see any type of burning issues or anything that looks out of place.

HELP!! I love these speakers!!


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    In all likelihood the problem is with the volume control of the amplifier. Rather than a speaker repair shop you might try to contact an electronics repair shop. You could also contact Polk at 1-800-377-7655 select option 1 for their customer support.
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  • I believe you are correct. Out of the blue the sub woofer and volume control came back to life and everything works fine again after leaving it alone for 3 weeks.

    However I can feel the amp panel getting hot much faster than the other panel. It's probably a fairly easy fix and may have to do with the heat distributors on the volume board?
  • (Decided to play with it some today after leaving it be for a quite some time and only using the passive ends)
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