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So, you ever audition a pair of rear speakers on the showroom floor and say, "Well, these are perfect," but then get them into your living room, and say, "Holy @%$#! these things are huge"?

I have a pair of RT55i's that I'm using for rears. I can't would wall mount them so I'm faced with one of two choices:

1) I can place them on stands that are taller than the back of the sofa (36 in. or higher)


2) I can place them on shorter stands (12 in. or so) which will in turn be placed on a shallow sofa table placed between the sofa and the rear wall

Given the weight of the speakers, if I go with the taller stands I'm fairly certain they will have to be metal and, unfortunately, noticeably more expensive. I've done some looking at both Atlantis and Atacama stands, but was wondering if anyone had other suggestions.

As far as the shorter stands are concerned, I'm a little confused by something on the Polk website. The recommended Sanus stands for the RT55i's are either the Designer Foundation stands or the Natural Foundation stands. From information I've found elsewhere on the Web, the stands only have a load capacity of 25 lbs. But the RT55i's weigh roughly 38 lbs apiece. Has anyone else had experience with this Sanus stands and the RT55i's?


HT Setup:
Sony KP-51HW40 16:9 RPTV
Sony DVP-NS700P DVD Player
Denon 3801
Front: Polk RT2000i's (powered)
Center: Polk CS400i
Rear: Polk RT55i's
Surround : Pol f/x500i's
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    I used to build all of my speaker stands out of wood...........I still have a pair that I used for my New Advent loudspeakers, and the Advents weigh 47 pounds each.

    The problem with a tall stand is not so much it's ability to hold weight as it is top heavy and tips over easily unless the base is quite large.

    A large base doesn't have to be ugly - bevel the edges and use 1/2 thick wood.

    If this is beyond your capabilities, hire a carpenter to help you build them - you'll be happily surprised at how cool custom stands can look in your house.

    Good luck....

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    I use the Natural Foundations 21" stands for my 55i's, and to good effect. I haven't had any problems at all.
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    I have my rt55is on Sanus18" New Foundation stands and they work great. I use the carpet spikes and they are very stable. I hope this picture posts.


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    Right, I also use the carpet spikes.
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    I made a set of metal stands for my rm7600 sats for around $40.00 with materials purchased at homedepot. My biggest problems were space & my biggest fear was stability. H/D sells
    1 1/4" square metal stock in 48" lenths. Then they have 1 1/4" surfaced mount railing bases. The stock fits like a glove and then they have set screws to tighten it up. I also put a machine screw through it just to be safe. After drilling a few holes for the wires & mounting (keyhole mount) hammer finished (black/grey)spray paint and a few 1 1/4" plastic caps for the top, they turned out sweet.

    The only draw back is you have to screw the mounts to the floors. This wasn't a problem for me, I have hardwood floors with area rugs. These babies are solid!!! Base is only about 3" wide and they look factory made.
    I don't see any problem with these holding 40lb.

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