Audioquest Cables

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    2.50.....not a penny more.
    HT SYSTEM-2 channel
    Sony 850c 4k
    Pioneer elite vhx 21
    Sony 4k BRP
    SVS SB-2000
    Dynaudio Audience 72
    Polk FX500 surrounds
    Cary xciter dac
    Cullen modded Sonos
    Joule la-100 pre
    B&k Ref 4420 amp

    Acoustic zen Satori speaker cables
    Acoustic zen Matrix 2 IC's
    Analysis plus crystal oval ic's
    Wireworld eclipse 7 ic's
    Audio metallurgy ga-o digital cable


    Sonos zp90
    B&k 1430
    Tad 803 speakers
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    Sure. Just email w it all.
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    I have a 25ft long set
    Adcom GFP-565 Pre-amp, Adcom GFA-565 Mono Block Amps (Front), Adcom GFA-585 Amp (Side), Adcom GFA-555 Amp (Rear), Adcom ACE-515, Pioneer CLD-3070 Laserdisc, Sony CDP-605esD, Sony BluRay BDP BX59, Samsung 50" Plasma, Polk Audio SDA SRS 1.2TL Front (Walnut), Polk Audio SDA SRS Side (Walnut), Polk Audio SDA SRS Rear (Walnut).
    2 Channel (Living Room)
    Adcom GFP-565 Pre-amp (w/Big Sky Audio Upgrades), Adcom GFA-565 Mono Block Amps (w/Big Sky Audio Upgrades), Adcom ACE-515, Sony CDP-705esD, Magnum Dynalab FT-101A Etude, Polk Audio SDA SRS 2.3TL (Walnut), Polk Audio SDA SRS 2 (Walnut), STAX SR34 Electret Earspeaker System.
    2 Channel (Office)
    Adcom GFP-555 Pre-amp, Adcom GFA-555 Amp, Sony CDP-605esD, Adcom GFT-555 Tuner, Polk Audio SDA 1C (Walnut).
    2 Channel (Garage)
    Hafler DH-110 Pre-amp, Hafler DH-220 Amp, Sony CDP-505esD, Hafler DH-330 Tuner, Polk Audio SDA 2B (Walnut).
  • dorokusaidorokusai Posts: 25,251
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