PSW10 110v to 240v Conversion. Is it possible???

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I was recently in the USA and purchased a PSW10 (110v) powered subwoofer. I was hoping to play around with the internal transformer to get it to work on 240v now that I'm back in Australia. ( its rated at 50-60hz so supply frequency isn't a problem). Problem i have is that i am unable to find any information about the transformer. If i have to ill just buy a 240 to 110 transformer to plug into my house supply but would be nice to convert it and never have to worry about it again.

If anyone has any information or experience on this transformer or psw10 in general or perhaps has a 240v model and could help me out would be greatly appreciated. Photo below is of the Transformer. I can provide more info and photos if anyone needs more info to help out. Thanks again!!!

5 wires on primary side - orange, red, brown, black and white.
3 wires on secondary - blue, blue and black
(can draw rough circuit diagram for connections if it helps)
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    Try sending an email to Polk Customer Service as they would know if it's possible.
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    Hello Friend. Could you make the change to 220v on your PSW10? I have the same need.
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