SDA Crossover Plates

I believe these are for a SDA 1.2TL bought awhile ago from Salvatore Cameli on here.

Never used, mint...$40/ pair.



  • RichCanDoRichCanDo Posts: 177
    I will take the 1.2TL plates if still available. Send info on how to pay. For shipping I am in MS now Zip 38671.
    Mains; SDA 1.2TL Silk Domes, upgraded xover, biamped w/DBX BX1 200wpc
    Pre-amp: DBX CX1
    Center: CS1000p Rear Surr.; f/x1000
    Parasound HCA-1205A amp; Center & rear
    Sub: SVS PB12-Ultra
    DVD: Denon 3910
    Tuner, FM: Onkyo Integra T-9090II
    Cassette: Onkyo Integra TA-2090
    VCRs: JVC HD4000U digital, HRS8000U SVHS
    Signal Processing: DBX; 10/20 EQ, SNR-1, 120X-DS, 3BX-DS, DAV-600G Router, Onkyo EQ-35
    Conditioning: Monster AVS2000, HTS5100MKII
  • dorokusaidorokusai Posts: 25,231
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