Philips FB 825 Speakers - Anyone have info?



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    bryanj wrote: »
    I just picked up a pair of Philips FB 825 Speakers. I can find very little information on them. Anyone heard these or have info on them?

    Bryan, You still got those FB-825s??

    I've got a pair myself, only needed to replace the surrounds as they had foam rot.
    These speakers are fantastic, I wouldn't be knocking them at all. Awesome for listening to music, 'Ruben Gonzalez' is my latest, Jazz piano sounds.
    The problem I have is finding a decent center speaker match for home theater setup. Currently I'm using a Polk CS20 center, but think there is probably something better to be found.

    I've heard some very $$$ speakers that don't come close to my fb-825s
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    Its sad people know so little about one of the largest electronic companies in the world.

    Philips invented the cd player alongside Sony, (their first player was called Philips CD-100 and many are still working today!)
    Many philips cd drives are still used in todays very expensive high end cd players from e.g. Spectral, Audio Research etc etc.

    Marantz has been owned by Philips for a long time.

    They have made nice active speakers, DSS-930 and DSS-940.

    Even created their own digital tape deck, called DCC.

    Their cd drives are famous all over the world CDM-1 CDM-9 PRO.

    They are one of the leading companies in the world.


    Philips CD-100 also sold under the name Marantz and Grundig.

    The Philps FB-825 were the largest model in the series, FB-815, FB-820, FB-821(ribbon tweeter) and FB-825(ribbon tweeter).
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    That was worth reviving an 8 year old thread. Give them a cookie....
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    Realized that this is using the AD21601 RT 8 ribbon tweeter. Anyone know where i can get this? The one i have on my FB821 is blown

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    Lordy what an old thread ! I was just given a pair (basically) . The price was haul them off when I bought some other equipment. No matter what has been said I must re foam them as I will see what they sound like..I love a basket case..
  • VSAT88 wrote: »
    Lordy what an old thread ! I was just given a pair (basically) . The price was haul them off when I bought some other equipment. No matter what has been said I must re foam them as I will see what they sound like..I love a basket case..

    How did you like them? I have a pair of FB-825 's and a pair of Fb-820's. I just received the foam surrounds to repair all of the speakers. I am looking forward to listening to them.
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    I have not checked in on this thread for a while sorry about. I think you will be very surprised how good those speakers sound. Most know nothing whosoever about them as the were not sold in the USA (as far as I can tell anyway). They are made with some really good stuff. The build quality is as good if not better than any other speakers I have seen. They sound some kind of great. I have done a re foam on both speakers and the problem I ran into was this. Standard 8 inch surrounds do not fit well at all. Thru research I have found that there is a company that sells or did sell the correct size surrounds for the speakers. I cannot tell you where because I do not remember. I think they were in Europe. I wish I had listened an tried to find and buy the correct surrounds. These speakers are well worth it.
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    I finally replaced the foams in all 4 speakers. I have had these speakers for about ten years and have never had them hooked up as they all needed foams. Finally finding the right foams from from the Netherlands I have both sets of speakers up and running. I am in love with the sound quality at all volume levels.
    I have listened to high end systems .... for the tens of thousands of dollars difference I am extremely happy with these speakers.
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    I ordered from the same place. I know they work perfectly because I have already done one speaker up. Too bad few will hear these speakers. It would be nice if everyone who has a set would chime in here. All the caps were of high quality best I recall so I did not mess with the networks either. When I pull mine down again I am going to double check that one and yes these speakers sound phenomenal.
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