Polk, rt,7 or rt55i, which were your favorites.

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Mine, rt55i,
Not an Audiophile, just a dude who loves music, and decent gear to hear it with.


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    I had the rt7s for a good while, really enjoyed them. I only had the rt55i for a brief moment, so I really can't compare. I do think that the tweeter was improved in the rt55i and the bass might have dug slightly deeper, but I thought the mids in the rt7 were pretty smooth and it was a very enjoyable speaker all around.
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  • dromundsdromunds Posts: 7,313
    I have a pair of RT7's but can't compare to the RT55i, which I tried to acquire once on its reputation but was a bit late. Agree the RT7 is an enjoyable speaker all around.
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