Bi-Wiring The SVS's

Well, my friend came through with that old Niles stereo L-Pad box, so I decided to buy a roll of wire this morning and get to bi-wiring the SVS Towers.
The Niles perches on top of my Marantz and two very short speaker feeds come off of the rear amp channels into it.
The tweets hook up to the speaker outs.
There's a ten click step down control on the front of the box to decrease volume to the tweeters.
The main channels power the woofers.
I decided to take the Equalizer out of the mix, as it was my thought, that the mid-bass was being buried by excess tweeter volume.
I was right on that count, because everything got punchier by the second click down.
I also shut off the Direct CD button, let the amp go back to it's normal tone circut and increased the mids one click (Marantz'z have a mid control).
The bass sounded so tight now, that I decided to dial the sub down a bit too.
I'm extremely pleased in how things turned out !
SVS put a -3 db switch on the back of these speakers, so they must off thought that the tweeters ran a bit on the hot side.
I now believe I have what one might call "East Coast" sounding speakers, which works out well, because I live here.


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    Sounds like a neat little addition. Which SVSs are those, and how do you like 'em?
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  • They came out in 2008 as a complete surround system which sold for 3 Grand.
    They have twin 6 1/2" woofers and a SEAS dome tweeter (reputed to have a replacement cost of $200. if you blow it)
    There's a matching rear pair that's cut down in height, with just 1 woofer and a big a$$ed center with two.
    Their cherry wood cabinets weigh in at 75 lbs and when you give them the knock test, you might as well be rapping on a cinderblock.
    I trade the guy my KEF LS50's even for the pair and have absolutely no regrets in doing so.
    I liked them very much from the start, but have to admit that with the tweeters toned down, I love them now.
    I don't think it has anything to do with the tweeters themselves, probably more that I'm only about 5 ft away in my listening spot, which can't be remedied without encroaching into my neighbor's apartment.
    Here's a picture:
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    Nice setup! Definitely a handsome pair of mains.

    Interesting on the trade for the KEF LS50s. I was curious about those a while back, and was just reading about some other KEF speakers just the other night. Seems most feedback on those is that they sound a bit lacking in the bass and can sound sterile?

    Like your Boston Acoustic computer speakers too B)
    I put my old set to use in the garage plugged into a Squeezebox. I had to replace the power supply about 10yrs ago, and the woofer rotted at some point, but I replaced that too, with one from Parts Express. Does great. Love that little set.

    Is this the SVS Set?
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    Thst set up looks completely unbalanced. You need a bigger tv.
  • Yep, I thought the KEFs were quite bass shy and though they did vocals nicely, I didn't care for them turned up loud.
    Judging from what I've seen on Ebay, I'm not the only one who wanted to get out of owning them and the used price is dropping.
    The little Boston's are for night time tv.
    I like how the system turns itself on and off also.
    The dvd player's hooked into my stereo for concerts & movies.
    That tv's a temp, until I find another 42" that I like.
    I'm only sitting 5 ft from it, so size isn't really a problem.
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