Bass phase conundrum

Can anyone provide some insight please? I have the RTA12B as front mains. Right now i have a infinity 10 CMMD inch in a front facing front ported dead center inder the tv. In the rear behind the couch i have the same but in a front fire rear port. (Driver facing tv, port facing back wall. I run them 180 out of phase. They sound great. But id like to remove the rear sub and ditch the infinity drives for a pair of 12s 15s or single 18 to take front center stage under my center channel. (I want to feel the kick drum in my chest, i want that "holy ****" reaction.

My question is with the bass radiators in the 12b should i go with front fire front port? Rear port? Down fire port etc.....

I have a pair of 18 inch JBL 2245h but i dont think they will do well with HT use.

If possible id like to have the sub drivers in the same location. Front or rear of the room. Just dont j ow what to do about port direction and possible phase issues with the 12b.

Power will be suplied by a Inuke 3000.

Thanks for any guidance.


  • FestYboyFestYboy Posts: 3,857
    If you want that punch in the chest feeling, multiple 10s or 12s in a sealed box is where I'd go, then use the 18s in a ported box tuned way low for the LFE. As far as phasing issues with the 12Bs... Don't worry about it and focus on the Sub tuning to complement them. The 1/4 wave distance at those lower frequencies is measured in feet, so any issues should be between the MWs and subs, not the passives.
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