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Own a set of polks RTI A9's just set my system up with 2 identical nad c275bee power amps and have set this system up in vertical bi amp 1 amp per speaker in stereo instead of Bridging the amps..

My main question is now that 1 speaker is hooked up to the amp lows to left channel and highs to the right channel.. is the top posts of the speaker the highs same ohms as the bottom terminals the lows.. i know the power needed be different..

second question is during high volumes will this be a dangerous setup!! and cause the amps to fail? or as long as ohms are equal be fine

PS i do not have a Ohms meter.. so this is why i come to Polk for the details of the speakers


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    No, I don't believe they are the same, but that shouldn't matter and no you won't harm the amp. However, the top portion of the speaker requires very little wattage to reach it's peaks. If it needs 30 watts I'd be shocked.

    The speakers are rated as "nominal" which means the ohms will fluctuate some depending on the music and volume your listening to. Pushing the volume levels past the comfort zone will most likely toast a speaker before the amp. If your the kind to test those volume limits, buy some tweeters now to keep on hand. :):)
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  • Tony, keep in mind the a9s are a little different. The bottom post only supplies the three subwoofers which are handling 120hz and lower. The top posts of the A9 will need a good bit of power as it’s suppling the mids and tweeter or the vast majority of the range.

    As far as the load I think you’re still looking at 8ohm nominal regardless.
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  • yes these a9's rock good hold solid clear sound cranked full to the nut for hours on end .. never blow a tweeter!!! but looks like the woofers might come out of the box one day but still clean .. just have to watch for heavy bass tunes!! eve low volumes no sub's on these speakers shake the house!! real good speakers you made Polk!!! and i am hammering these babies on 2 NAD power amps 1 per speaker!! but now that all testing is done.. i just now run amps half powered real loud and detailed ... thank polk for some good speakers!!! love them.. and thanks for our help much appreciated before and now .. take care and happy holidays if i am not back :)
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