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Hello to everyone, I am new to this forum due to getting the BUG by making some recent Polk purchases. I currently have connected 2-PSW10 subs, 2-Monitor 60 Towers, 2-RT600 Towers and 2-R10 Bookshelf to a Sony STR-DE845. I have bought but not picked up a PSW12 sub, 2-RT400 Towers, a cs101 center channel, 2-M1 satelites, a PSB century 100ci Center Channel and 2 PSB Alpha A/V Bookshelf. I have come across some RT800 for $79 and RTi70 for $85. I do plan on using thePSW 505 with the RT600s for rears. I think that I can eliminate the RT400s and the Monitor 60s based on what I have read so far, I was wondering which speakers would be better matched as fronts between the Rti70 and RT800. Lastly what Polk Center Channel would be the best match? The living room is about about 14.5' X11.5' and most of my listening would be mostly music with an occasional movie watching. I am then looking to put together my bedroom system with the remaining pieces. Here I do more TV/music with the occasional movie. Would appreciate any suggestion there? I will probably sell the remaining pieces.

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    The RT800's for fronts and RT600's for rears make a nice combo. It's basically what I used to have and love. You would need to get something like a CS400 or other center channel from the same line to match them.

    Not sure I followed your email on what you already own, but if you already have them, the RT600's can be used as fronts and the RT400's as rears will work also. If you have it already, use the CS101 as a center channel with them until you can find a CS400, CS350, CS275, etc.

    You can try that setup with the PSW505 and see how you like it. You would just need the matching center channel in order to be timbre matched across the front. But if most of your listening is music, and you do it two-channel, the center is less important anyway.
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  • Hello F1nut,
    Thank you for your response. Yes, that is a lot of speakers but I should say that the there is a huge opening with barely an archway dividing the living room and the dining room which is then completely open to my kitchen.
  • Hello Jimbo18I
    Thank you for your response. I was thinking to get both the RT800 and the RTi70 because they are a closer match if I am not mistaken. The only issue is whether I want to do the extra 4 hour drive for the RTi70.
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    Get the rt800s since the rti70s are a 4hr drive. Not sure I would drive that far for them lol. I second @Jimbo18 with his suggestions to hse the 600s as rears and try to find a cs400.
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  • thanks djperez81,
    I appreciate the input.
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    Yes, its me again. I think I definitely got the full blown POLK bug. I find myself spending hours upon hours searching the web for information on this site and listings on ebay/craigslist, I have come across some monitor 10s. I was hoping somebody could tell me which 10s they are and which tweeters if they? I think that they are the peerless tweeters. Here are some pics. I hope to get them and a POLK PSW505 that I also have purchase when I go to pick up my mom from JFK on OCT. 20th. And yes, I would think that from what I have read, the 10s would not go with the speakers listed above. I am looking at some sets of monitor 5 and 5jr to begin a collection.
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    After owning some rt800is and monitor 5s with peerless, the monitors are the FAR superior speaker. I haven’t heard the 10s, but if the price is right I wouldn’t hesitate!
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  • F1nut wrote: »
    Those are the original 10's with the Peerless tweeter and double fuses.

    Thanks for your response F1nut. So these are Monitor 10. I asked because I have seen some go by other numeration like 10b etc.
  • rooftop59 wrote: »
    After owning some rt800is and monitor 5s with peerless, the monitors are the FAR superior speaker. I haven’t heard the 10s, but if the price is right I wouldn’t hesitate!

    Thanks for your response rooftop59. I have a verbal agreement with the person They sent me the address and I am scheduled to pick them up on Oct 20th as stated . I am not going to say the price yet but I will say when I do have them on my possession.
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    The system is starting to consolidate. On Monday I went on a little shopping spree acquired a CSi40, a set of RTi70 and a set of RT400 along with a few other polk and PSB goodies. I have put the CSi40 with the F/X500i as sides, the RTi70 as fronts and the RT800 as rears. Wow, the set up sounds amazing. Lets see what the future has in for me.
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