Ifi micro RCA output voltage?

afterburntafterburnt Posts: 5,633
edited August 2017 in Going Digital
I am trying to use this as a DAC the FAQ says: Voltage output - RCAs
Eco: 2.2v (volume at 100%)

Normal or Turbo: 5.5v (volume at 80%) or 6.5v (volume at 100%)

It is either 0dB (Eco) or 9dB (Normal/Turbo)

Direct: 2v

Pre-Amp: Depends upon the “mode” please see vol pot instructions.

I was thinking the RCA output would be fixed and not vary with the volume knob setting. Anyway do in need to be concerned with the voltage going to my preamp? Anyway the preamp/direct switch would defeat the knob according to the FAQ, no?


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