What do I need to drive Sennheiser 650's?

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I imagine that my P5 will run them but will my iFi Nano?


  • BlueFox
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    Try it and find out. I run mine off a Benchmark DAC.
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    I think it will be fine
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    I'll be using my BH Crack *snicker* :p
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  • BH Crack + 650s -- a great combination, to be sure. But you can get very close to that with a Schiit Vali 2. Replace the stock tube (which is pretty good) with RCA 6CG7 (plentiful on eBay) and you'll get a big, warm, full sound thru the 650s. If you like razor-sharp analytical sound, this isn't for you. But works for me!
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    I run a Little Dot I+ for my AKGs...going to try the same amp with my new HD558s. My first pair of Senns though...
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  • Emlyn
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    Either source would work. However, the 650s are 300 ohm headphones and your 598s are 50 ohm. The 650s may not go as loud as the 598s, or they may. Only way to see for sure if the volume and sound quality is what you are looking for is to try them with your sources. Most of the concern with the 650s or 600s is using them with portable battery powered devices. Since they are both open backed headphones, I have never used mine outside the house anyway so use with portable devices has been a non issue for me. They perform best with a dedicated headphone amp of course.
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