B&W / Velodyne / Onkyo

Selling a pair of B&W CDM 1NT Bookshelf speakers, a CDM CNT Center channel, 2 Velodyne DEQ 8r Subs and an Onkyo TX-SR 805 AVR.

All in good condition and work as should. No grill for B&W center. Grills have holes for bookies. They look and sound better without anyhoo.

Subs are quite musical, have set-up mics and remotes.

Onk is a 50lb beast with 130wpc @ 8 ohms.

Local only and demo is certainly available. Can drive a bit to meet if necesssry.

The CDM series parallels the 700 series with many giving the nod to the CDMs.
Velos are 160 w RMS. 8", front slot ported with room correction and volume control.
Onk was VERY well recieved. 7.1 channel, with major codecs used today.

Have the system on USAudiomart for $1,500. Polkie price is $1,400.