Spiked PS4? Sure why not...

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My media stand has been out of room for awhile now (building a new one this summer) and I've had to put my PlayStation on top of my amp.
I originally had it sitting on some aluminum square tubing I pulled from the scrap bucket from work and cleaned up.
But with some recently rediscovered isolation spikes I was able to dress it up a bit and make it look a little more professional.
It was a relatively easy process; just layout and drill. I did have to drill/open up a hole in the power supply for clearance.

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    It probably sharpened the graphics and sq considerably, and your controls are noticeably more responsive.
    Plus it looks really cool.

    Dig that Pioneer as well. I was chasing some silver-face integrateds for a while there, but never really could seem to land one. Prices were insane for the good ones when I was looking. I was hoping for a semi-local original owner one that smelled like old people, but just never materialized.
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    What no mit cables? Epic fail. :p
    Very nice
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