Phono Tour - Vista Audio Phono 2

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With so many questions arising recently about budget friendly phono preamps, I decided to try and get another tour up off the ground for you guys. This time, it is a product I technically do not carry, but I have some pull to make it happen.

Enter the Vista Audio Phono 2:

This is a fully adjustable Phono and retails at $399.

This will take a few weeks to get off the ground. If interested please sign up using the same method found on the Wireworld thread. Go to the contact page on my website and put "Phono Tour" in the subject. Provide your full name, Polk Audio username, and your shipping address.

Like the Wireworld demo, there might be a small fee associated as a holdover for those I have reservations with. This would include fresh-off-the-boat members or longtime members with no real presence. However, this trial is open to anyone who wants to be a part of it.


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