A Week with an HSU VTF3-MK5

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Here are my thoughts on my new VTF3-MK5.

I went from an older VTF2-MK3 to this new beast. The VTF2 sounded good, real good shook the house and made stuff on the mantel rattle a bit.

Last Tuesday (4/25) I received my new VTF3. Got it home and muscled it into place. I set the sub to 1 ports open 3" port plugged crossover set to in volume set to about 10:30 and then ran Audyssey. After Audyssey I set it to 2 ports open and unplugged the 3" port. Ran the sub for a week like this and was just floored by how much of an improvement it is. I watched a few flicks and played my favorite CD's and was living the dream.

During the week I was reading the manual and HSU say's to set the subs crossover to out and let the AVR take over the crossover function. Okay. One thing I also remembered about my Onkyo is at the start of Audyssey it had a sub tone to set the volume to 75db.

I figured what the heck lets try this on the bedroom STF2 as the Onkyo had already been used there to set the sub volume. I switched the crossover to out and ran Audyssey again on my bedroom Marantz. OMG what a nice difference that made.

On Wednesday I pulled the Onkyo out of storage and hooked it to my VTF3. Set the crossover to out plugged in the Audyssey mic just to set the sub volume which I did have to turn down a bit to get it to 75DB. Ran Audyssey on the family room Marantz, once again it was OMG

I then put on edge of tomorrow. That opening bass line made my mother in-law get up and run to the kitchen. I don't think she ever moved that quick! It was not just sound it was moving air in the room.

War of the Worlds when the alien comes out of the ground was an earthquake. The dishes in the kitchen were rattling.

At the end of Avatar there is a neat THX trailer. This is just fantastic.

I've played a few CD's and the bass is clean and tight

One funny thing it there is not as much room rattle as before but there is a lot more bass. Is the sub just picking things up to levitate?

All in all I am glad I made the choice to move up to the VTF 3, now time for another movie maybe Dr. Strange?


When I was a kid my parents told me to turn it down. Now I'm an adult and my kids tell me to turn it down.

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