Speaker placement suggestions?

Hey everyone, time is getting close for getting my 11.4 HT wired up and I would appreciate any advice on speaker placement. Here's a list of the speakers ill be running.

Boston Acoustics VR975 towers (10" powered subs in bottom of towers).

Boston Acoustics VR950 towers.

Boston Acoustics VR-M60 bookshelf.

Boston Acoustics VR-M50 bookshelf.

Boston Acoustics VR920 center (obvious ).

Boston Acoustics VR-MX surrounds.

2 Infinity BU-2 12" powered subs.

2 Kinergenics SW800 sub towers (5 10" subs in each tower). The sub towers are not powered so ill be powering them with my B&K Reference 200.2.

The room this is going in is 21ft x 14ft.
Let me know if any more info is needed.
Thanks tons!


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