any suggestions.?

Sorry if this isnt in the right place...Anyway so ive got all my old photos out to scam into my macbook pro 2011 but the scanner ive got is EPSON Perfection 3170 PHOTO, Overview - Product Information - Epson America, Inc.
The scanner is quite old so i have to use image capture with it. My question is should i buy a newer scanner for about £40 something like from here
All-in-one printers Buy online | Currys
However my current scanner is an actual photo scanner whearas the ones im looking at are all purpose printers but are nearly a decade newer, so maybe better at photos anyway. Also what resolution should i scan the photos to so if i actually put them on a cd and got them printed in a shop they would look good.
Thank you for any suggestions.


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    From epsons website, you should be able download drivers and software to work with your computer.

    IMO some of the newer scanners are not as good as the older ones, especially the cheaper and all-in-ones. The software on newer scanners is often more limited or buggy as well.

    Film has a much higher resolution than most scanners even for ISO400 film. If I remember correctly ISO400 with a decent camera is roughly an 8x10 scanned at 4800 dpi.for archiving,

    For archiving, I always recommend scanning at the highest resolution. Smaller files can easily be created from the large ones. I would store the large files on a portable HD. Back them up on DVD or blueray, for the increased capacity vs. a CD. Any files needed for printing can be copied to a flash drive.