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Hello i'm new to the Polk forum, i have recently acquired a set of SDA1's The first gen. I have a bad SL 1000 tweeter. I called and talked to a tech at Polk and he told me that in order to install a replacement tweeter, the RDO 194 i'm assuming, i would have to modify the cabinet?or mounting holes? as they are different size than the Peerless style? has anyone ever ran into this? I have swapped in a black Peerless out of my Monitor 7, for a test, it fit perfect. he recommended getting a replacement from another speaker company in the mid-west. I haven't run across anyone talking about the actual physical dimensions of the tweeters or the mounting. Maybe i was misinformed? Minor cutting or drilling some new mounting holes is no big deal but i would prefer not to. Any advise or tips on these SDA'S would be appreciated. I know they probably need some crossover work, i'm already lining that up, they still sound pretty good.


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    Welcome to the forum (*and rabbit hole-where we are quite adept at showing you ways of separating your hard earned from you*) ;)
    You might be able to find a working peerless tweeter on eBay or even on here.
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    I believe the crossover circuit is different for the Peerless. Try to find another SL1000 on eBay.
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    He may of been referring to midwest speaker. They sell a peerless like tweeter that will fit the existing cut out.
    They sell on eBay also. Here you go

    F1nut is correct the original peerless crossover was a bit different. Plus the cut out for the sl2000 and rdo194 is different than what you now have. You will need to file out a bit on the sides of the oval so the new tweeter Connections do not get pinched into the magnet. You can fit the rdo194 with some routing and hurricane nuts.
    Thank you for the response's everyone. Pitdogg2 you are correct,i didn't want to name names,i'm new here. Polk recommended Mid west speaker and their SL 1000/2000 replacement instead or the rdo 194 replacement? i was surprised. I was going to have the crossovers rebuilt, the rdo 194's where recommend to me along with maybe converting them to SDA1a specs and some cabinet mods, removing the baffle that separates the mid/ bass drivers and plugging the port holes? I personally think they sound pretty good. I would like to keep them kinda stock,but i need a new tweeter,so was going to change them all. The crossover i think is all original, could use some attention i believe. I did notice some flaw in the sound,backing guitar and some vocals seem weak thats why i feel the crossover needs work.Maybe the Peerless tweeter i used as a test replacement is throwing them off? The SDA effect/ interconnect cable is working . I'm hoping some of you Polk gurus can give me some of your knowledge. I really like these speakers so far.
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    My 1A's came with SL1000s. I upgraded to RDO194s and they do require reworking the baffle for proper mounting.
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  • pitdogg2pitdogg2 Posts: 16,530
    Mine are SDA signatures in between 1and1a so i know what you have there. What you plan on is a ton of work. Personally i wouldn't waste the time just find a newer set of say maybe SDA1c they are much more refined and ar everything those will never be. Of course you could stumble upon 2.3'sor 3.1's as well.
  • FaustinFaustin Posts: 965
    I think I have a couple of SL-1000 on the shelf. PM me if you are interested in them. If you cover shipping they are yours
    Faustin thanks,yes, i'm gonna message, hopefully i get it right. The funny thing is when i got these, a week later a set of 1c's popped up here. But i had a chance to get mine for a real good price, they needed work, and i always wanted a set. With my limited budget it seemed like the right move. A cabinet refinish,a tweeter, and maybe some crossover work. Sda's do not show up often or reasonably priced here. In a perfect world some 2.3's or 3.1's for cheap would be nice. I'm pretty handy, the crossover maybe little to much for me so i've been talking with someone that does them, they recommend the mods, but it seems like a lot and i wasn't sure it would be worth it. To my ears they sound pretty good, just the one sound flaw.
  • BlueBirdMusicBlueBirdMusic Registered User Posts: 1,119
    That how things work. You buy one set of SDA speakers, then a more desirable set appears.
    Just so you know, i'm gonna apologize ahead of time, i'm not the most computer savvy person. I like and appreciate everyones comments, just not sure how to work that part yet. Faustin in believe i sent you a message if you didn't get it, could you send me a pm? Do the 1c's sound better? Is it a noticeable difference? I know all the mid drivers share the same cabinet space and the tweeters are vertical, probably improved crossover? To me these originals Sda 1's don't sound bad at all, just not able to pull some backing vocals and guitar out of the woodwork. The more i research the more i here its a common problem with Sda's and i find that hard to believe. I'm blaming old crossovers could i be wrong?
  • pitdogg2pitdogg2 Posts: 16,530
    SDA1C's are 4th generation SDA much improved crossover which means all drivers play 125hz and down. Yours only the two lower and the inside top is a fuller range. Sda woofer does not play at all without sda cable attached. Tweeters one stereo one sda tweeter. SDA tweeter removed after 1gen. SDA1C tweeters are both playing and are progressive point source. They are not part ot the SDA circuit. All drivers play even without SDA cable in play. Much better speakers period.
  • FaustinFaustin Posts: 965
    swhalen I did send you a pm. I will send another. Just need your info so I can ship the tweeters
    Thank you Pitdogg2, for the great explanation, i'm here to learn. Faustin thanks i'm going to check it out now.
    I feel a little better,( and dumb at the same time). I may have found out some of my sound issues, its a combo of the loudness button being on and i forgot there is a smallish sub-woofer hiding behind the cabinet that holds the t.v. and stereo,( We use to have towers that need a sub). It seems the sub was cancelling or drowning out some of the low vocals/guitars, maybe muddling the detail? if that sounds right? I do like the loudness button on though.

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