Battlefield 1 PS4

Anyone on here have Battlefield 1 for the PS4? I'm looking for some people to play online with.
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  • voltzvoltz Posts: 5,009
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    that one has my interest , sure miss the original battlefield & BF2, curious how WWI will work out in the new one.
    PC only here.
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  • They did a really good job. I've never liked the enormous maps Battlefield has always had. But "The Great War" fits perfectly with what Battlefield has to offer. They've also done a good job with the historical accuracy. Definitely worth looking into.
    "The Night is Dark and Full of Terrors."
  • mrbironmrbiron Posts: 4,878
    I have it for One and love it. 64 players is pure mayhem but fun.
    The story/campaign is enjoyable but short. I plan to replay it at it's hardest when i get a free minute.

    Visually, it's possibly the nicest looking game i have ever played. I'd suggest picking it up if FPS with a touch of history is your thing.
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    I'm about to go on vacation but when I get back we can play a match. psn: talltizzle
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  • I was home sick today, so I started the game today on my Xbox One S. I lost interest in Call of Duty with Advanced Warfare, but this game is good so far!
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