End Cap Replacement for SDA1C?

I have a pair of SDA1Cs that I bought on ebay years ago. The guy I bought them from had no idea how to pack these and they came damaged as you might expect, (lesson on shipping SDAs learned). The end caps are dented in pretty good on all corners and some veneer is missing, water stains as well. I have seen some great pics here on the forum of upgraded caps with some unique woods. Does anyone know if there is a forum member or another source that makes and sells replacements?


  • Thanks, I will look for. Local furniture repair drop that des veneer. Any Advice on how to get these off without damaging them? Mine do not have any bolts visible on the inside, so I assume they re glued. I have also read about staples being involved. not sure if mine have them
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    Have you considered making them yourself? All you need is 1" mdf, raw veneer, a craigslist or HF router and flush trim bit, glue, varnish, and time. I made these and would be happy to help you through the the process. ltb1bgc6ob5k.jpeg

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  • Those look great!! Nice work
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    Wow! Those tops are beautiful. I am the original owner of a pair of SDA 1C's and those look nicer than new!
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    I wish somebody on the forum would start making and selling SDA end caps. I would buy a pair.
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    I just got a set of 1c speakers today and 1 has slight water damage on top. I want to fix them too. It will be fun but finding time is gonna be harder.
  • My new wood shop will be finished sometime in January and I've considered doing them, I'm just trying to nail down a price. The MDF/Veneer would save in materials but it's a two step process so labor goes up. Exotic woods get expensive fast.
    If I did them they would have the t nuts installed and ready to bolt on.
  • h335e2wcp77p.jpg
    Here is the set I just did for my 2.3tl's
  • Looks great!
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    Boy o boy, those look sharp mopar. Are those caps solid or are they MDF?
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  • They are Cherry veneer over a birch plywood base. I don't care for MDF because it does not hold screws as well as something like solid wood or plywood.

    It wouldn't matter that much, but on the base of a 200lb speaker I just don't trust MDF, the original partical board Polk used was bad enough. Call me paranoid..
  • My reasoning can be explained by looking at these pictures. The guy I bought them from had spikes on them and tried to move them and they basically ripped out.
    I know people call sheet goods by different names but this is partical board from where I come.33kfwute5p68.jpg
  • All 4 were torn out6zypm12nzdb8.jpg
  • Ha well if you would have met this moron you could understand how it happen! I have seen people that could crash a train with a rubber mallet.

    Anyway, now that you have chimed back in, do you think doing these out of MDF and veneer would be ok? I know you have a lot of wood working knowledge. MDF is smooth and easy to work with it and is inexpensive here.

    I just wouldn't want to do them for people and then them having any issue down the road. My other thought was to epoxy the nuts in the wood.
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    I went solid timber on both my polk upgrades/rebuilds,they were done with Australian Hardwoods ,The SDA SRS were done in "Jarrah" tops and side trims .I used "Marri" for the 2.3's end caps and people who have seen them really comment how they really look like quality character furniture pieces now . I know they might split or warp but i'll take the chance , if so i'll just replace them again.
    I have also seen in pictures on this site of black end caps and side strips on SDA SRS 1.2's ! loved the Finnish ........ Maybe i'll do this on the next SDA SRS rebuild! or maybe go aluminium !
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