Subwoofer stabilization

Hey guys. I'm new to the forum. This is my second post. I'm considering buying a set of the SVS rubber feet for my psw505 subwoofers(2) I've read great reviews for them. What is your opinion on them? Is there an easier way to accomplish the same thing? I have a some rattles in my house I'd like to get rid of.


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    They work as advertised, but they won't completely get rid of rattles, they keep your sub from walking, but won't stop airborn vibrations. I use one of these:
    I've also used the svs, I like the sub dudes better.
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    I just checked out the sub dude. It looks like more of what I want. Thanks for the suggestion. I'm going to order 2 of them tomorrow. Is there anybody on here that's particularly good with subwoofer equalization? I have a Velodyne sms-1 that I just got. I don't have an SPL meter to help with setup but it comes with a mic. I don't even know what the eq screen is supposed to look like. I need help with it!
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