Striker ZX Headset

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About a month or two ago, I picked up a pair of these at GameStop given their ridiculously low price. I'm assuming they were closing them out or something. Anyways, I know Polk has had a bad rap concerning their gaming headsets. All of the complaints I've seen here and elsewhere have not been an issue with this headset.

I LOVE this headset. My favorite feature is that it pipes in the game sound so you can mute your TV and not bother anyone else. I also like that the mic plays back into your headset a little bit. That is a nice feature when your 1 year old daughter wakes up screaming her head off given how these are fairly strong at blocking ambient noise.

The sound is very balanced with no real frequency range standing out. The bass is not prominent... something I've experienced with most Polk headphones I've heard. There is a way to balance the chat volume as well as game volume... a feature I very much appreciate.

It is a gaming headset, so I guess that about wraps up the review. I've also used them to skype with on my iPad and they work well in that aspect as well. I can't give anything but praise to this set and give Polk a big thumbs up.


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    They are cheap because of the Pro version
    Glad to hear the good if Jesse would hurry up I would have the pair from the auction :# :p ;)
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    They were on my short list, and I may still get a set for my dad. I didnt get them because I wanted to be totally wireless from both the console and controller. The headset I got does that, otherwise the strikers were very top of the list.
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    Yeah. I always go for comfort first and evaluate sound second, and these are very comfortable. They are a bit heavier than my Senn 598's, but they fit nicely around my larger ears and don't squeeze the crapola out of my head. I can wear them for hours without fatigue.

    The wire doesn't bother me except when my daughter comes up and grabs the cord, taking my head with it. It is so short that it really doesn't get in the way.
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    So the issues with the previous versions (i think that's right) have been flushed out? No more mic issues with users on the other end?

    I still haven't bought a headset yet, besides the console supplied version. I have looked at this very model but i haven't found to need because i don't get the time like i used too. That and i don't play very many games that require me to communicate to anyone other than myself. I'm kind of a loser......

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    I've verified. Others say I sound a little more distant but have no issues hearing me.
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    @mrbiron The mic issues you're referencing were isolated to the 4Shot and Melee versions. Striker and Striker Pro have no complaints for mic performance. The Striker Pro mic is killer!
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    Thanks for clarifying. I knew it existed, just didn't know which product. ;)
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