What Music Server Are We All Using?



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    machone wrote: »
    I ditched my Dell laptop and bought a Quantum Byte fanless Windows 10 mini computer. Got it from Amazon with a Logitech wireless mouse/keyboard for $200. I upgraded the internal memory to 128gb for an extra $50. I use the hdmi out to my TV for a monitor. I am using the USB out to my Marantz SA8005. I downloaded Fidelizer to optimize Win 10 for audio. I am controlling JRiver using Gizmo. Can add a usb external ss hard drive for storage as needed.

    Being all solid state with no moving parts is really making a difference. The SQ is the best I have had so far. Wide, deep and convincing imaging with no harshness.
    Not bad for $250.
    Looking to upgrade the power supply and add a usb regen at some point as I have read this combination takes it to anothet level.
    Very happy B)

    Awesome, is the mini PC smooth or is it kinda slow?
    What wireless keypad/mousepad are you using?
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    It is a low power Intel Atom quad core. Perfect for wav and dsf play back but I don't know about up converting on the fly and things like that. The keyboard is a Logitech K400 Plus. If you go to Amazon and search for Quantum Byte you see the computer keyboard bundle.
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    trj wrote: »
    Strange this topic came up. Just yesterday I put all my digital audio video in a powered external hard drive. Connected it to the USB port of my router. Now its my media server. I can access everything from any device connected to my router.
    Raspberry pi, blu-ray player, phones, computers, tablets, receivers, you name it. I can access my media with any device. Need to setup a VPN so I can access it from anywhere. Amazingly raspberry pi (OSMC loaded) can decode almost any AV codec and feed it to my receiver. Of course its not an OPPO quality DAC, but having everything in a single place is so much easier and I can add a USB DAC to Raspberry pi if I want to.
    Not having to spend so much for NAS and having a similar usability is awesome. Plus the hard drive connected to USB goes to sleep when its not being accessed. So, its not spinning all the time.
    I am using a cheap Wireless router; Western Digital N750 and a toshiba canvio powered external hard drive. For how cheap that router and hard drive is, I am very very happy.

    Oh, my printer is connected to the second USB port of the router. So, yah its my print server too :blush:

    Have you installed a VPN on your router? I’ve tried to do the same, but still faced some problems and ambiguities. I know how handy is to use VPN on router and want to enjoy all provided benefits. Anyway, could you share your experience installing VPN? Thanks in advance!
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