DSW PRO 660 Weak


I have a home theater 7.1 setup with LSIM 705, LSIM 706c and LSIM 702 for surround and DSW 660i for sub. The sub in its default setting (volume around 20) is not audible at all. Initially my installer through it was defective. After increasing the volume to 40 and a gain of 5 db in the Marantz 6010 receiver, we can feel the sub.


Marantz 6010 receiver
Marantz - All speaker set to 80 hz
Marantz - Tried Crossover for sub set to 80 HZ to 120 HZ
Sub-woofer to LFE
Speaker connected to receiver
Subwoofer connected to a subwoofer preamp connection in Marantz receiver.

Is it normal to keep DSW 660i set to volume max of 40. At 20 it is almost dead.

Appreciate your help.

- jana


  • pjanapjana Posts: 3
    Subwoofer gain is to 7.5 db
  • polrbehrpolrbehr Posts: 2,674
    Something is wrong here, that sub should not need to be maxed out for you to hear it.

    I am not familiar with the settings for Marantz, do you mean you have all speakers set to "small" so that they don't receive any signal information under 80Hz? If so then that sub should be getting a signal other than LFE (the ".1" in Dolby 5.1, 7.1 etc) and you should be getting audible output at much less than max volume.

    You say you had an installer, did he calibrate the setup for you?
    So, are you willing to put forth a little effort or are you happy sitting in your skeptical poo pile?

  • pjanapjana Posts: 3

    Appreciate the quick help. Yes, we tried with setting all speakers to small as well as the front ones to large. Sub line (LFE) from receiver works, we tried another martin logan dynamo 500 sub woofer in the same line and although smaller it works. When doing the calibration is when the installer found that the sub is not responding (can't feel) when the volume is default (23/40). The only way to make it work is to bump the volume on the subwoofer to all the way up (40/40). I called Pokl support and they thick the amp needs to be swapped. Since it is a brand new unit, they suggested to return the unit to the dealer and they will swap it out.

    Appreciate your help.
  • teekay0007teekay0007 Posts: 2,286
    My 550i subs work great at about 20-24 on the 40 volume scale. If you're needing 40 to hear much, there's definitely a problem somewhere.
  • polrbehrpolrbehr Posts: 2,674
    Since Polk suggested swapping out the sub, that is exactly what you should do; hope the dealer is close enough that you can accomplish this without too much trouble.

    Once this is done, let us know how it sounds ;)
    So, are you willing to put forth a little effort or are you happy sitting in your skeptical poo pile?

  • nhhiepnhhiep Posts: 877
    edited May 2016
    sorry but lsim speakers deserve better than polk subwoofers. if you small and musical sub, check out velodyne or svs. heck even Deftech subs are much better than polk subs.

    kinda sad that polk didn't even make 1 lsim level sub. polk subs just can't keep up with lsim speakers
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