PSW505 working again, i hope.

I don't know if anyone has had an issue with their sub not working, but giving out a continuous popping sound every second? At first, it was connected to a good surge protector that has a PSW110, Yamaha rxv367 and small lcd tv connected to it. Well everything worked but the sub making that noise. I gave up after unplugging this, disconnecting that, resetting etc. Getting ready to package it and send it back to Amazon, i decided to separate it from the other components and just by chance plug it to a regular wall socket. Well it didn't work and continued with that popping, until of course when it stops receiving a signal for a few minutes, than the popping stops. So the sub was plugged in to the wall the rest of the night, power indicator red, switch on auto, and around midnight there was an electrical storm with power outage. This a.m. before unplugging sub to place in box, i decided to give it one last try, and what do you think happened??? It started working. I was like WTF!!!! Now i have my fingers crossed and waiting to see what's next!


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