Single song in lossless format download?



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    Yes, "muffled" would be good description.
    Sure sounded good in my Fairlane 500 on the Craig Powerplay 8 track with four 6x9's.
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    I just figured out I have the Frankenstein track ripped to WAV from a compilation set called "Classic Rock Gold" and it's track 11 on the Wayne's World 2 soundtrack CD. Sounds decent, but I don't think any amount of remastering is going to get around the deliberately fuzzy nature of the recording on that one. Interesting and cool stereo effects on the recording though. Would be good on SDAs is what I am thinking.
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    BlueFox wrote: »
    When we heard songs years ago before we had good stereos, we remember them as great songs. Now when we revisit those songs, but with a better stereo, they sound like c r a p. :)

    Exactly---I guess a loudness button and 400cc's of treble went a long way back then...LOL
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    tonyb wrote: »
    machone wrote: »
    Frankenstein sounds terrible. Not a good recording.

    Could explain why it's 1.69 ?
    The sound quality of a particular track has very little bearing on the track, the sampling rate will have an impact but we all know there is plenty of poorly recorded material even in hi-rez. Pono, or any other music service for that matter, is not going to work miracles on poorly recorded content, garbage in garbage out
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    Amen to that ^^^^^
    ....and with todays music, you actually do need a miracle to make it sound good. ;)
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