Polk Audio Melee headphones white noise

This issue has come up on these forums before but as far as I know, there still hasn't been a solution.

I bought the Melee headphones about two weeks ago and when I hook it up to my Xbox 360, I get a loud white noise from the headphones. I can hear the white noise even with the game sound on.

There's no white noise if I hook up the headphones to my MP3 player or smartphone, so the issue isn't the headphones themselves. I've tried using the headphones + DSP module using the optical out on my TV, and I still get the white noise. So the issue isn't my Xbox 360 either.

I contacted Polk Audio and they sent my a replacement DSP module, but I still get the loud white noise. At this point, I've spent a lot of time troubleshooting the issue and I'm not sure what's causing this. My best guess is the volume/mic control module. The white noise does get slightly worse if I turn up the mic volume.

Any suggestions on what I should do? I'm thinking of returning these to BestBuy but I'm not sure if I can (they don't allow returns on headphones).


  • The solution is simple, return them while you can and pick up a pair of Astros. Problem solved.
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