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    I just got these a few days ago from Trey and when I get time, I will begin to swap out some parts along with changing out crossovers. In addition, I inquired on having 10 sets made and this time he would like to have initial cut done by water jetting vs milling it down and then he can set the circle into the machine and watch it cut. The cost per set would be $145 shipped. For some it may a bit much but for others, it's probably fair.

    That's a fair price, but probably a hard sell to most as they don't enhance the sound quality and I doubt most would want to sand them smooth. That said, if this went forward, speaking for myself, I'd want a different SpeakOn mounting and would not want the engraving.

    They do look nice and I agree the 7075 looks nicer.
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    Sweet, talk about a bonner first thing in the morning. Man, you could sell a hundred sets of those here. Nice work.
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    Thanks for comments and here is a pic mounted. I have been slow to do anything with the speakers lately.
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    Very very nice : )
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    I have been busy with life that I had to put speakers on hold. However, I just started up again recently and made progress with my assortment of speakers. On the SDASRS, I wanted to make removing the massive crossover as simple as possible without the weight of the inductor becoming a problem down the road. I was thinking if my son wanted to open it, would he have to worry about the weight or stress on the front panel as he is removing it. To avoid that situation, I added on to the existing shelf on the inside and now the crossover sits there and is secured underneath with two bolts. The downside is the passive radiator has to be removed to remove the bolts. A minor inconvenience vs having to hold the whole setup while installing or removing it. I also added handles to help pull it out of the tight fit and now the front panel is just a front panel wo the goods attached to it.
    Rivnut installed on bottom of chassis.

    This is what my girls set looks like on the inside. She has the 1.2TL! So both sets have names on the outside and on the inside.

    And now back to rear terminal plates. I am planning on making a few more sets but I need to solidify a timeframe and final cost as I am still working on it but communication can be as weak as I like my coffee. The main factor is going to be the timeframe as I had to wait a while for my sets and perhaps I can come to an agreement with a time commitment. It is easier to do a run of 4 binding hole plates vs changing the set up but if there is a need for 2 hole binding plates, I can always make it happen as I am now waiting on a 2 hole version as I thought my SDA1C had four holes. Therefore, I have 1 set of plates that I am going to make available to whoever is ready to try a set. I did remove the serial number that was on there and polished it up. Send me a pm if you are interested. Enjoy the pics!

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    Are these available, or will they be available in the future, to purchase?
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  • I would be interested in a pair of 2 binding post plates. They look great!!
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    Ha, Ive been in and out and still an option. Ive been meaning to get more made. I have just put my priorities elsewhere but its been on the back burner. I have spoken to my guy and I just need to get it done as I have acquired more SDA speakers. I'll keep you posted.
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