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I just blew my engine so I'm selling off some of my older audio. First part out the door is this Great black USA-1000x. Not in show condition but runs awesome. Never saw over 1/4 turn on the gain since I've had it. I was running 2 10" Alpine Type R (older style) in a sealed box and it sounded great. I had the car metered at 139.7db with this amp which isn't bad for these 10's in a sealed box. $400 obro(don't be afraid to ask). pics soon to come.

here's the specs:
USA-1000X Only @12v
Two Ohm Stable
300 Watts x 2 into 4 Ohms
400 Watts x 2 into 3 Ohms
500 Watts x 2 into 2 Ohms
1000 Watts Bridged into 4 Ohms
Available in Black or Chrome
Two Channel Class AB Amplifier
Total Power Output: 1000 Watts RMS
THD at Rated Power: <0.006%
Stereo Separation: >98dB
Signal/Noise Ratio: 105dBA
Frequency Response: 5Hz-50KHz
Fuse Rating: 135 Amps
Dimensions: (Including Terminals)
62mm / 2.44in High
229mm / 9.0in Wide
451mm / 17.75in Long
Weight: 4.76kg / 10.5lb
Variable 24dB Low-Pass Active Crossover
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    Do you still have this? I've been wanting this amp... are you including shipping in the $400?
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    Sorry but this amp is long gone. I may or may not be selling my PPI-PCX2400 in the near future depending how hard up for cash I get. If your interested let me know.
  • JoelsbassJoelsbass Posts: 637
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    bummer, i was looking for that particular amp for my setup... guess i'll keep looking...
    MacLeod: I guess youre lucky Polk has such lax hiring standards.

    Josh: Damn skippy!
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