need some input,plz help

Hey guys whats up,first time poster here, i have a few days to make a decision, the last 4 years i have been using a samsung hometheater in a box, well christmas eve day my system crapped out on me, i woke up that morning switched it on, it was in protection mode, they gave me a procedure to put it through ,said if that didnt work then its toast and sure enough it didnt work, so i go out to best buy to have a look around and they have an amazing deal on the POLK-RM6750, but i know nothing about the brand, i know nothing about this system, and i only have 4 more days to make a decision, and gather as much info as i can.
Is there anything you guys can tell me about it?, it sounds like its a complete powered unit, does it need an amp? or can i just plug my tv right into it? anything you guys can tell me would be much appreciated, thanks in advance guys


  • rpf65rpf65 Posts: 2,058
    Never heard this system, so can't comment on sound. You would have to by an AVR to run the speakers, and speaker wire also. Designed for smaller rooms, call it 12x14. Probably a step above your older system. Hope that helps.
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