The Upgrade Company mods

I had it done to my Onkyo PR-SC5509 pre/pro and ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!!!!

I CANNOT say enough about the HUGE difference it made with that preamp. It went from sounding in-your-face forward. Hard,glassy,bright,but LOTS AND LOTS of detail in the midrange pre mod. To laid back,detailed,excellent imaging,good soundstage depth. Post mod.All of the good qualities that I had heard with the PR-SC5508 that I had previously, but suffered from a problem HDMI board. So Onkyo replaced it with a brand new 5509. I can even play my lp's again without the need for an external phono preamp (it was THAT BAD) I had ordered a 5 foot upgraded power cord with the preamp upgrade,but someone accidentally sent me a euro spec cord that I had to ship back. David Schulte the owner in return not only shipped me a 6 foot cord,but also sent me an upgraded wireworld HDMI cable for the inconvenience!! Once the power cord had run in for a day I noticed further improvements to the sound. An ease which took me by surprise and some digital glare was removed. I was so impressed that I ordered an upgrade power cable for my Sunfire. The difference was even larger (*so was the cord. These suckers are HUGE*)