Replacement/Upgrade for R50 tweeter (SL1902)

I have a pair of R50's from forever ago, which still sound great by the way. However, while installing my nice new polk center channel speaker, I found out that one of the tweeters died in the R50. I did some searching and called Polk and the said they had a replacement for $60 each (ouch that hurts). Given the age of the speakers that is a lot of money. I am sure that I only paid $100 each for the R50's new. I can find lots of Polk tweeters online for $40 pair. However they all seem to be 8 ohm. They look like much nicer tweeters. The SL1902 in the speaker has a tiny magnet where as newer ones are much more substantial (not that it matters much in a tweeter). I measured the one working tweeter and the multimeter read around 3 ohm, which I would guess it is a 4 ohm tweeter.

Does anyone know what the specs for the SL1902 tweeter are? I believe the RD1503-1 is what the newer model (


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